About MotoVisa

Coffee shops are a favorite destination for Adventure Vehicle Enthusiasts.  So, MotoVisa was launched to create a community of Adventure Vehicle Enthusiasts who love coffee and unique coffee shops.  We call this community the MotoVisa Coffee Club.  It does not matter what vehicle you choose to seek your adventures on.  All types of Adventure Vehicle Enthusiasts are welcome to join the MotoVisa Coffee Club.

MotoVisa has an ongoing effort to develop a network of MotoVisa Partners who own unique coffee shops that offer discounts to MotoVisa Coffee Club Members. 

MotoVisa Members will enjoy coffee club discounts through a program called Big Adventure Sunday.

What type of coffee shops are MotoVisa Partners?

We partner with owners of coffee shops that are unique and preferably shops that roast their own coffee beans.  But the coffee shops can just be really cool places to hangout, too.

Do you own a unique Coffee Shop?

If you own a unique coffee shop and would like to become a MotoVisa Partner, just send me a note - woody@MotoVisa.com

It's Free to become a MotoVisa Partner.  In fact, when you become a Partner we will send you one stainless steel Membership Card because you also become a MotoVisa Member for Free!

Join the MotoVisa Coffee Club in 2020

The MotoVisa partner map below is free for anyone to use to find unique coffee shops.

MotoVisa offers a very affordable lifetime coffee club membership to those interested in getting discounts from our MotoVisa Partners.

Memberships are for a lifetime and include a MotoVisa T-Shirt and a cool stainless steel membership card.  

Big Adventure Sunday

Big Adventure Sunday is a discount program exclusive to MotoVisa Members. 

Big Adventure Sunday 

  1. Discounts are available every Sunday of the year
  2. Participating MotoVisa Partner are located on the MotoVisa Partner Map
  3. MotoVisa Members must present their stainless steel membership card to receive discounts
  4. Wearing your MotoVisa T-Shirt is Optional!


MotoVisa Partner Map

Vintage Motorcycle Restoration

MotoVisa.....We love vintage vehicles!

MotoVisa will include a section highlighting vintage motorcycle restorations.  If you are working on a restoration or have completed a vehicle restoration and want to showcase it on MotoVisa just let us know.

Vintage Motorcycle Restoration

Vintage Motorcycle Restoration

Are you interested but want more info?



Anaheim, CA 92801US

Contact: Woody Woodman - Woody@MotoVisa.com


Lifetime Membership in MotoVisa

T-Shirt and Stainless Steel Membership Card

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Join MotoVisa and help us build a nationwide community of motorcycle enthusiasts who enjoy finding great coffee shops and other cool destinations.  Memberships are for a Lifetime!